Dr. Deeksha Tyagi

Dr. Deeksha Tyagi

IVF Specialist, Infertility Specialist


About Dr. Deeksha Tyagi

Dr. Deeksha Tyagi is one of Top Gynecology and Infertility Specialist in Delhi. She has done her Doctorate of Medicine (Physician) from Piragave Medical Institute, Odessa Ukraine, one of the renowned universities in Europe. She has worked with leading hospitals in Delhi. She has also done her post graduate diploma in Sonography(OBG & Gen Abdomen). She was trained for Best IVF at Scandinavian IVF Center at Georgia, which caters to most of the countries in Europe.   Later, she took additional expert training from Assuta Medical Center Israel, which is considered to be one of the busiest centers in the world. She is associated with IVF center of Georgia and Estonia as well. She has more than 20 years of post qualification experience in the field of gynecology and 18 years of experience in Infertility management.


Dr. Deeksha Tyagi is a Gynecologist, and Obstetrician in Kenya. She is currently working at The Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya. She specializes in IVF, IUI, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Exercise, Pregnant Women Counseling, High-Risk Pregnancy Care, Obstetrics Problems, Gynae Problems, Pre and Post Delivery Care and Diseases in Pregnancy. She has completed her MBBS from government Kilpauk Medical College and MS (OG) from prestigious Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Madras Medical College, Egmore, Chennai.


Dr. Deeksha Tyagi is well known for her dedicated and compassionate patient care. Through her innovative thinking and cutting-edge treatments protocol she maximise the chance of pregnancy to every patients. Her patients come from all over Delhi. She incorporates better methods to further improve the quality life of patients who have had a fertility Issues. With her innovative thinking and cutting-edge treatment protocols, she maximizes the chances of pregnancy and minimizes the chances of complications.


Dr. Deeksha Tyagi works hard as a Gynecologist, and Obstetrician and believes in providing help to as many patients as she could. She likes to attend various conferences held at different cities so she could impart her knowledge about gynaecology and infertility. She believes that, by attending workshops conducted by various institutions, she could enhance her understanding of a patient's mind-set which would eventually help her treat the patient better. Dr. Deeksha Tyagi is known for her humble nature and tender care of patients. The efficiency, dedication, precision and compassion offered at the clinic ensure that the patient's well-being, comfort and needs are kept of top priority.


Dr. Deeksha Tyagi passionate about delivering the highest standard of healthcare. Dr. Deeksha Tyagi with her patients to gain detailed understanding of their condition and offers and considerate insights that help in creating an affordable and effective treatment plan for patients. With the cutting-edge medicine, state-of-the-art infrastructure and personalized nursing care, she make sure that the patients are her priority. Dr. Deeksha Tyagi closely with her patients to gain detailed understanding of their condition and offers and considerate insights that help in creating an affordable and effective treatment plan for patients. 

Dr. Deeksha Tyagi her patients are completely confident and well aware of the procedures, setting their expectations right. She is admired for her ethical practice and dutifulness. Her dedicated effort to improve quality of service to her patients is extremely appreciated and exhibited in her actions. She is the personal favorite of her patients not just for the skilled doctor she is, but also for her amazing personality. Her commitment to excellence is focused on the needs of each woman throughout all stages of life. Dr. Deeksha Tyagi Is a verified doctor and is registered under 11720 Delhi Medical Council, 2001.

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